Getting a cool tax returnGetting a cool tax return

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Getting a cool tax return

For many years I couldn't work out how my co-workers seem to be getting these really cool tax returns, which let them go on holidays to Bali, where I seem to get tax returns that let me go to the local fast food joint if I was lucky! Since I met my girlfriend I started to go to her tax accountant and I finally understand how it all works. There are so many easy deductions that I can claim now, which is going to help me head to Thailand this year! This site has some of the tips I have learnt to help you maximise your return this year.

Should You Consider a Self-Managed Super Fund As You Plan for Retirement?

If you're looking at your long-term plans and trying to make arrangements for your retirement, you need to focus on different vehicles and strategies that will help you hit your targets. As you look through your options, you may want to consider a self-managed super fund (SMSF), which will typically give you more choices than would a traditional superannuation fund. So, why should you take a closer look at SMSF? Read More